Vijay Joshi


Vocalist par excellence, winner of various music awards and frontman of many of well renowned Rock Acts.

Sanjeev Pandkar


Drummer and Multi instrumentalist , Sanjeev has played and performed on a number of albums as a sessions musician.

Christopher Fonceca


Chris has been playing guitar for various bands since his school days and also brings years of experience of various genres of music.

Michael Pereira


Mike on Bass has been an integral part of the Indian Music Scene over the last two decades and has performed in almost every live music venue in the country.

"Chehre is the amalgamation of Four heavyweights of the Indian Music Scene who have come together to create their trademark sound in Indian Rock.."

Their combined years of experience with various bands/artists/genres of music shines through in their original music as well as their own interpretations of Hindi/English Rock Classics!!

Each member of Chehre has been a member with venerable bands/artists such as Strangers, Agnee, RLA, Mystic Frost, Fusion Ensemble Ezee Meat, Strange Brew, Gary Lawyer, Colonial Cousins to name a few...

Chehre Album Release

A couple of years ago four seasoned musicians from Pune came together to form a Hindi Rock Outfit and decided to call themselves 'Chehre'.
Chehre, who's members are. Vijay Joshi- Vocals, Sanjeev Pandkar- Drums, Mike Pereira- Bass, and Chris Fonceca- guitars.. are releasing the CD of their album 'Khwaab' which was completed a while ago. The Album has 7 tracks which has been mixed and mastered by Ashish Manchanda from Flying Carpet productions, Mumbai.

'Khwaab' is a collection of tracks which have been composed and arranged by the members of Chehre and lyrics of all the track's have been written by Siddharth Tibrewal. The album also features Rushad Mistry on bass for a couple of tracks, and programming of loops by Rishi Sundd.
The band has stuck to it's roots of melodic classic rock in most of the songs with a slightly modern twist to some of them on the album.
Chehre has decided to sell CDs of 'Khwaab' at their gigs and also put it up on digital music stores for download. The first official launch of the Album will be at The Hard Rock Cafe in Pune on the 13th of October 2016

Album Video

Album Track